Soccer client 2.1

April 27, 2016

Hello everyone!

Today we are finally releasing update for our Soccer client. We’ve listened your suggestions, and in this phase we’ve added some new very handy features. The new version name is 2.002.

  • Responsiveness of user interface – now the client can go full screen and also can be minimized so it can fit your screen in case you have low resolution
  • Keyboard shortcuts – many of you have been asking for this, and here it is! Use function keys to play/stop all graphics in combination with shift and alt key (documentation is in user guide)
  • Yellow card graphic that now leads to red card – you can choose exactly when you want to play transition between double yellow and red cards
  • Better control over visual formation (tactics) settings – very handy if you are developing your own graphics
  • New Twitter graphic on which you can write any kind of guide how to participate in Twitter feed
  • Empty graphic (free line) now has a title field and text crawler now has 3 fields to choose which one you want to play
  • Fixed UTF-8 problems with importing team list from .csv
  • One more statistics item and tab row
  • Short team list
  • Bug fixes

This update is FREE for all current users of our Soccer client.