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Tennis client

V1-118 ready for Windows

What's in the app?

Features in the Tennis client for CasparCG:
  • Singles and Doubles modes
  • Easy to use scoring system
  • Manual scoring system for adjustments
  • Scorebug graphic with insert modes
  • Big score graphic
  • Intro
  • Player's biography (left or right side of the screen)
  • Player sides (who is playing on which side)
  • Coach
  • Umpire
  • Assistant umpire
  • Lower third with 3 different placeholders
  • Winner ceremony
  • Timeout
  • Player(s) - shows player's name
  • Commentator
  • Chroma key
  • Save and load (whole project or specific player)
  • Social media integration (currently Twitter only)


Download free demo graphics from this link. Follow this tutorial to find out how to set up demo graphics.

List of all dynamic field IDs available here.


Scoring system Super easy to use Player won the point? Just click one button, that's it! Everything is calculated automatically!
Singles and doubles All in one package No need for extra setup - just one click and all graphics are automatically configured.
Save&Load Great for tournaments Swap or import player(s) with just few clicks!

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