Basketball client

V1-065 ready for Windows

What's in the app?

Our Basketball client for CasparCG has numbers of features:
  • Game clock (fully editable) with attack count down timer
  • Team scores
  • Team information (like short and full names, logos etc.)
  • Big score bug (like lower third) for half-time stats etc.
  • Player search for quick search over whole team list
  • Team list for 12 players (number, name and position)
  • Coaches (including assistant coach 1 and 2)
  • Event info (competition, location, date, time, referees, commentator, reporter)
  • Empty graphics for any type of text (big and small)
  • Crawling text (with customizable speed)
  • Table with logo
  • Save and load
  • Import Excel files (.csv supported) with various options in team list and table
  • Translations for every static element (like score bug labels etc.)
  • Social media integration (currently Twitter only)
  • Preview and program graphics
  • All-time backup generating
You'll also get example of graphics compatible with client (.fla and .ft files). From there you can see how text fields and image loaders work.


Quick search Find any player in seconds Just type the number of the player and get all infos! You can also quickly create substitution list and swap the first 11 players.
Translatable labels Edit literally any piece of text Our software has ability to edit every label on graphics, such as penalties, big score bug lower thirds, intros, lists and other graphics.
Saving data in XML Everything is safe Once you enter all information, save all data in easy to read XML format.

Sounds interesting?

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